January 24, 2022


MINUTES FOR 1/24/2022

In-Person/Zoom Board Meeting: 6:30 p.m.

Roll Call

Present: Teresa Ripley, Chris Buerkle, Rosann Morey, Maryalice Griffin, Melanie Field, Heather Cobb, Director

Absent: Colleen Rynders

Meeting started recording at 6:30PM

Approval of Meeting Minutes:   

Minutes reviewed for December meeting. Motion to approve: Maryalice, seconded: Rosann. Approved.

Financial Report:

  • Profit & Loss report and Transaction report:
    • Copier – we had good income from the copier in 2021
    • Payroll – we didn’t use all of the funds that were budgeted because some employees didn’t work all of their hours.
    • Materials budget – spent full budget.
    • Endowment – increase in December by $7,018.88.
  • Motion to approve financial reports made by Teresa, seconded by Melanie. Approved.

Director’s Report: 

  • Did fairly well overall for 2021 given the circumstances but the numbers were still under the 2020 numbers.
  • 29 adults and 3 children used computers.
  • 46 new materials including 24 donations for December.
  • Volunteers – 1 volunteer – Ed Hazel – dusting and wiping down tables.
  • Programs (in person):
    • Adult – 2 Knit & Crochet club, Crafts ‘n Creations program, Wreath making event. The wreath making was well attended.
    • Teens – offered 1 program. Nobody attended.
    • Children – offered 2 programs but no one attended.
    • Multigenerational – Tree lighting.
  • Heather attended the FLLS Directors Meeting via Zoom.
  • No non-library programs.
  • We have stopped doing story time and will replace with Family story time one Thursday evening a month, starting in March, in the hopes that this will pull in some attendance. We will also start a Lego club and a Chess club in hope of generating some more interest.
  • Motion to approve report made by Chris, seconded by Melanie. Approved.

Unfinished Business:

  • Budget:
    • Changed the endowment amount from $5,500.00 to $5,000.00.
    • We received Bullet Aid from State Assemblyperson Kelles for $6,500.00 for programs.
    • Heather increased Christa’s hours for Senior Social, Family Fun, PSST and SR hour. Rebecca’s hours were increased for Lego Club and Chess Club.
    • Crafts – Heather is planning 10 programs.
    • Heather budgeted $400.00 for supplies for Family Fun night, $250.00 for Legos Club (if anyone has Legos to donate that would be helpful), and $120.00 for Senior Social supplies.
    • Heather also added money to Juvenile Books in order to purchase Chess books and Lego books.
    • The budget is in balance. Chris made the motion to accept the budget. Motion approved.

New Business:

  • Tompkins Trust – Mike contacted Heather to have the signature authorizations voted on. Motion to approve – Melanie. Seconded by Rosann. Approved.
  • Contract for Cortlandville – Teresa signed this and it is ready to send back to them.
  • Officers: The slate of officers is: President – Teresa, Vice President – Chris, Secretary – Melanie, Treasurer – Colleen. Teresa made the motion to accept the slate. Seconded by Maryalice. Approved.
  • Meeting schedule – The February meeting is a quick meeting at 5:30 just to approve the annual report.
  • Event schedule – June 4 – book sale, November 19 – Wreath making, December 3 – Tree lighting, December 10 – rain date for Tree lighting. Heather will put this information on our website.

Special meeting Monday, February 22st at 5:30 pm via Zoom only – for annual report.

Next regular meeting Monday, March 21st 6:30pm via Zoom or in person.   

Meeting adjourned at 7:02 pm

Respectfully submitted by Melanie Field