July 18, 2022


MINUTES FOR 7/18/2022

In-Person Board Meeting: 6:30 p.m.


Roll Call

Present: Teresa Ripley, Chris Buerkle, Maryalice Griffin, Colleen Rynders, Melanie Field, Heather Cobb, Director

Absent: Rosann Morey

Meeting started recording at 6:36PM


Approval of Meeting Minutes:

Minutes reviewed for May meeting. Motion to approve: Melanie, seconded: Maryalice. Approved.


Financial Report:

Profit & Loss report and Transaction report:

  •  Received money from Cortlandville.
  • Spring Book Sale went well.
  • We had Amazon Smile donation and craft donation.
  • Two computers were replaced – the one upstairs in the office and 1 for public use.
  • Endowment –decrease in May and large decrease in June.

Motion to approve financial reports made by Teresa, seconded by Colleen. Approved.


Director’s Report:

  • Increase in circulation for June. Library visits up in June. Internet sessions down quite a bit in May and June.
  • 56 new materials for May and 50 for June. This includes 16 donations.
  • Volunteers – Several volunteers – all related to the Book sale.

Programs (in person):

  • Adult – 7 Knit & Crochet club, 3 Crafts ‘n Creations and 1 Senior Social programs for May and June. One person attended the first Senior Social program. Will do another in September on the second Thursday.
  • Teens – 1 program in June – school presentation. Heather visited 6th graders to give information on the library. 27 attendees.
  • Children – 2 programs in May and 2 in June – Lego Challenges and Family Fun nights. The Family Fun nights were Outdoor Games and Nan Hoffman. Attendance was 12 for each month.
  • Multigenerational – none.
  • Summer Reading – regular programs count as summer reading too.


  • Heather attended several trainings and meetings, all via Zoom: Data Collection Webinar I & II, FLLS Directors’ Meeting (2), FALCONS
  • Non-library program – 6 programs in May and 3 in June. Work Readiness – hybrid, students come from school and meet with job counselors on the computers. Girl Scouts.

Motion to approve report made by Chris, seconded by Maryalice. Approved.


Unfinished Business:

  • Fundraisers/Friends Group – we found out that the library staff and library board shouldn’t be involved in fund raising for the library as it jeopardizes our charter, there are state tax implications and audit issues, etc. Instead, there should be a library Friends Group that is totally separate from the library board. The Friends Group would have to have its own by-laws.
  • Cortlandville Grant – received $3,000.00 for the homeschool program. Heather is working with the homeschool group for September.
  • Building repairs – the village has powerwashed the floors of the porch to remove old paint. They did the first coat and the railings on the side porch. Will sandblast the columns on the front porch and then will paint them. They are aware of the rot on the porch. Also removed carpet from the porch.


New Business:

  • Trustee Training – Each board member is required to have 2 hours of training each year. We can pick whatever training we want to take.


Next regular meeting Monday September 26th 6:30pm in person.

No meeting in August.

Meeting adjourned at 7:14 pm

Respectfully submitted by Melanie Field