March 21, 2022


MINUTES FOR 3/21/2022

In-Person/Zoom Board Meeting: 6:30 p.m.

Roll Call

Present: Teresa Ripley, Chris Buerkle, Rosann Morey, Maryalice Griffin, Colleen Rynders, Melanie Field, Heather Cobb, Director


Meeting started recording at 6:32PM

Approval of Meeting Minutes:   

Minutes reviewed for January meeting. Made correction to date of meeting. Motion to approve: Rosann, seconded: Teresa. Approved.

Financial Report:

  • Profit & Loss report and Transaction report:
    • Received money from the school district.
    • Hallway sale, late Fall Fund Drive donations and donations from Amazon Smile and from the McGraw Historical Society.
    • Heather paid the retirement to the Village.
    • Heather also pointed out that there is a life insurance policy attached to the retirement that accounts for the additional cost of $43.85.
    • No program expenses.
    • Materials budget – started purchasing books.
    • Heather also purchased Plexi-glass for the front desk.
    • Endowment – large decreases in January and February.
  • Motion to approve financial reports made by Colleen, seconded by Chris. Approved.

Director’s Report: 

  • Some increase in numbers for January and February, perhaps due to the relaxed Covid protocols (no masking, etc). More kids have been using internet sessions.
  • 58 new materials for February and 51 for January. This includes 36 donations, 27 of which were poetry books we received from the Poulin Project.
  • Volunteers – 1 volunteer – Ed Hazel – for both January and February.
  • Programs (in person): NYS changed the age designations – Adults is 19 & up. Teen is 6th grade – 12th grade or 12-18 years. Child is baby – Kindergarten and 2nd grade – 5th Teens will be lacking because tweens won’t go in Teens anymore.
    • Adult – 7 Knit & Crochet club and 2 Crafts ‘n Creations programs for January and February.
    • Teens – no programs offered.
    • Children – none offered.
    • Multigenerational – 1 program – Library Crawl and it was well attended.
  • Heather attended the Cortland Director’s Meeting and FLLS Directors Meeting via Zoom in January and Annual Report training and FALCONS meeting via Zoom in February. Christa attended Summer Reading Workshop in February via Zoom.
  • Non-library program – VITA tax prep – 20 attended.
  • Motion to approve report made by Maryalice, seconded by Melanie. Approved.

Unfinished Business:

  • Officer Nominations Review – we reviewed the officers for the upcoming year and the terms for the board members. Teresa will be done with her second term at the end of December this year. Maryalice will reach out to Katie Bilodeau to see if she is interested in being on the board.
  • Meeting schedule – The September meeting will be September 26th as Heather will be away on the normal meeting day. The October 17th meeting should start at 6 instead of 6:30 so we can do a walk around of the building.
  • Heather sent the dates for the Community Rec building (for book sale and wreath making event) to Lori Aiken and we are on the building schedule now.
  • Chuck, Lori, Joan and Heather will get together to work on the grant for the library.

New Business:

  • Masks: Masks are now optional and the patrons are very happy about that. Heather and Mazey still wear their masks.
  • Zoom: Open meeting law is extended to April. Zoom subscription ends in April. We don’t have an April meeting. So, we decided to cancel Zoom and to meet in person in May. We can always get a new subscription to Zoom in the future if needed.
  • Christmas Raffle: Mary Kimberly would like to raffle a small tree with handcrafted ornaments.
  • Wreath making: Chris suggested a centerpiece with candles and greenery as an option. Possibly people could do that as an addition to the wreath making for $5 more. Also discussed offering kissing balls but the forms for those are very expensive. Heather was going to look to see if she has any forms that might be able to be used for the kissing ball. Also discussed doing a Thanksgiving themed centerpiece at the wreath making event. Since the event is prior to Thanksgiving, it would be fresh.
  • Easter centerpieces – Rosann suggested that maybe next year we could do an event to create Easter or Spring themed centerpieces as a fundraiser.

Next regular meeting Monday May 16th 6:30pm in person.   

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm

Respectfully submitted by Melanie Field