May 16, 2022


MINUTES FOR 5/16/2022

In-Person Board Meeting: 6:30 p.m.


Present: Maryalice Griffin, Colleen Rynders, Heather Cobb, Director, Teresa Ripley

Absent:  Chris Buerkle, Rosann Morey, Melanie Field


Meeting was not recorded this time as all that could make the meeting were there in person.

Approval of Meeting Minutes:

Minutes reviewed for March meeting. Motion to approve: Maryalice, seconded: Colleen, approved.


Financial Report:

Profit & Loss report and Transaction report:

  • Gifts & Donations: A donation was made for the library to purchase a Cricut.  The cost was $299.00 plus supplies.
  • Polaris Contract: Heather paid half of the Polaris contract, $2,850.  The remaining balance will be paid at the end of the year.
  • Endowment: Lost a substantial amount of money for March, $1,734.95, and $24,191.47 for April.

Motion to approve financial reports made by Colleen, seconded by Teresa. Approved.


Director’s Report:

  • Circulation:  In comparing circulation numbers to 2019, there was a large loss for 2022.
  • 41 new materials for March and 77 for April.
  • Volunteers – 1 volunteer – Ed Hazel – for both March and April.
  • Children Had 14 children attend the indoor safari held in April. Good turnout. Had good turnout for Lego Challenge as well. Heather is planning for summer reading now.
  • Heather attended the FLLS Director’s Meeting via zoom in March and April.  March’s meeting was on the summer reading program.
  • Non-Library Programs: Had VITA tax prep and child advocacy center here.

Motion to approve report made by Teresa, seconded by Maryalice. Approved.


Unfinished Business:

 Fundraisers: Heather reached out to FLLS to ask how many fundraisers the library can have in a year. Heather was told the library board and librarian should NOT be participating in any fundraisers but should have “Friends of the Library” group do all the fundraising.  This includes all the fundraising we have been doing for years.  We, however, do not have a group “Friends of the Library.”    To start a group like this, they would need to apply for a tax ID number, their own checking account, follow by-laws, etc. This is state mandated since the library is a public municipal library.  We can still do our book sale and fall fundraising campaign for this year, but not sure what will happen next year.


New Business:

  • Investment Policy:  This will be renewed/recertified every three years.
  • Cortlandville Grant:  The Town of Cortlandville has a grant available for benefit of the community.  Heather turned the grant application in last Friday.  The grant would support a new home school program.  Christa would head it up.  The money would cover the books and materials.  If approved, there will be two sessions with maximum of ten kids each session.  This will be for one year only.  Heather will let us know if we are approved.
  • Building Repairs: The construction grant will NOT cover most of the repairs the library needs.  The state wants to see the money used for additions and accessibility.  Most of the repairs will need to be done by the village.  After talking to the Village, the village workers will only be able to paint the flagpole, front porch floor and repair and paint the side porch this year.
  • Donation Policy:  After discussion it was approved to change the “Donation Policy” name to “Material Donation Policy.” Heather will change this and add our website as well.
  • Book Sale: The sale will start Friday, June 3rd from 3:30—5:30 and continue Saturday, June 4th from 8:00 to 2:00. Greg Smith as agreed to pick up all the adult fiction books that are not sold.  Heather will reach out to Kerry Knight to see if the Free Library public boxes would like some books.  High School students will come to move the books from the library to the community center.

Saturday June 4th schedule:

  8:00—9:50 Maryalice

  8:00—10:00 Roseann and Meanie

  10:00—12:00 Colleen and Chris

  12:00—Close Teresa

 Christa and Maize will also be there for the day.

  • Computer purchases: It was approved for Heather to purchase two new computers. One computer for public use and the other computer for the upstairs office.  They are both out of warranty.  The budget is $1,660.  This will be a bulk buy.


Next regular meeting Monday July 18th 6:30pm in person.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm

Respectfully submitted by Teresa Ripley